Friday Faves v.2

Whew! We made it through another week – cheers to that! I don’t know if there’s something going on with the moons or what, but EVERY day this week felt like a Monday. But, despite it being a very meh week, I still have some awesome faves to share! Check them out – and enjoy! … Continue reading Friday Faves v.2

Harper’s Little Heaven

Please note: this is NOT a sponsored post. All items included below are my personal finds and recommendations that were not influenced from an outside party. Direct links to the products are included for your convenience. I am SO EXCITED to finally share my daughter's nursery! As anything else, it's a constant work-in-progress, but once … Continue reading Harper’s Little Heaven

Friday Faves!

Here are a few of my faves from this week - enjoy! Bed sheets. I'm in the process of redoing our guest bedroom so headed to Target for some new sheets. I ended up with this Queen set in grey {for under $20}, because let's be honest - unless Jacob is in the doghouse, neither of us … Continue reading Friday Faves!

Time management.

Moving your family 1,000+ miles means a lot of new beginnings for everyone involved. New city, new weather, new job for my husband, new school & friends for the kids, new get the picture. But lucky for me, I apparently have 3 chameleons for children who are able to adapt to anything! Thankfully, I … Continue reading Time management.

Dreamy gifts for a new mom

First it was wedding season, and now, the past six years, with so many of my friends having babies, we’re in baby season! It’s such an exciting time but it can also be so stressful – not only for the parents-to-be, but also for the friends and family who want to be as supportive as … Continue reading Dreamy gifts for a new mom

Pinterest. A brief “How To”

And just like that, with the passing of Memorial Day, summer is upon us. Longer days, busier weekends, and a 2-month pass to eat ice cream every night. It’s also, in my experience, the time of year when we have the highest expectations for ourselves {with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmastime, of course}. And … Continue reading Pinterest. A brief “How To”

Want to be friends?

"Hi! I'm Jordan. Want to be friends?" That's it. That's how easy it was for my four-year-old son to make his first friend after our 1,000 mile move from Florida to Illinois. So pure. So simple. So innocent. That was less than two months ago and since then, they've continued playing and have gone to two parties … Continue reading Want to be friends?