Welcome, September!

It’s here! It’s here! And what better way to welcome my favorite month of the year than on a Friday with gorgeous autumn weather?! I mean, yes, it’s my birthday month, but that’s not the only reason it’s my favorite. There’s such an exciting feeling of new beginnings in September – it’s when I love to refresh my wardrobe and all my office supplies, it’s the start of autumn, a new school year, a new football season {Bear down, Chicago!}, new episodes of all our favorite shows, and kind of, sort of, the kickoff to the holidays…#amiright?!

Happy Friday, friends! Have you missed me? I’ve {kind of} missed you! But rest assured that I stayed productive during my hiatus! I took the month of August off to mentally rejuvenate, celebrate my oldest babe turning FIVE {what?! how?!}, and plan some really fun things for the month of September!

So let’s get to it! September will be a month-long feature focused on SELF-CARE! It’s something I’m not only passionate about but also love learning about. Digging into all the info, facts, theories and preferences out there is like falling into the deepest rabbit hole in the interwebs – and I LOVE IT!

To kickoff it off, I want to introduce you to a few of the simple and FUN ways I implement self-care into my life. It doesn’t have to be expensive, elaborate or time consuming – and it really shouldn’t feel like just another thing on your to do list.

If you’re new to self-care {especially if you’re a new mama!}, you may want to start out small – or if you’ve simply decided it’s time to start investing time into yourself, then go big, girlfriend! I really started to intentionally focus on self-care when I was pregnant with Harper. I had a scare around 11 weeks that really shook me to the core and knocked me into the right mindset: I have to first take care of myself in order to take care of my family. This is possibly one of the most important things I’ll ever share with you so I’m going to repeat it:


So since then, here are a few of the ways I’ve implemented intentional self-care into my life –

  • Go to Target alone. That’s right guys, it can be that simple. But seriously, a trip to Target, sans kids, sans husband? HEAVEN. Step 1: blast that gangsta rap in the car. Don’t wait until you’re pulling into the parking lot and realize “Oops, I accidently listened to Kidz Bop the whole way here.” Nope. You turn on your music. You turn it on loud & proud. And if you have the energy, you can even dance in your seat while you’re singing along. You know why? Because there are no kids in the car being traumatized listening to the lyrics of your favorite songs or telling you “stop it, mama!” …and {nerd alert!} because it can increase your levels of dopamine – resulting in an instant better mood. Step 2: if your Target has a Starbucks, stop and get your favorite fuel…and don’t forget to grab a cup holder for your cart because when we’re kid-free, we need to experience “hands free” to it’s highest potential. Step 3: enjoy! It doesn’t matter if you don’t buy a thing {Ha! Good luck getting out of Target not buying anything!} just enjoy your alone time!
  • Treat yo’self. This differs for me depending on the day. Sometimes it’s a pedi, sometimes it’s a nap, or it could be going for a run, a lunch out, a bubble bath, a new pair of shoes, a random Amazon purchase, etc. – you get the picture. But don’t be afraid. Even if you’re on a budget {believe me, it’s a tight ship around here with 3 kids in preschool!}, you can still find ways to treat yo’self.
  • Fun shower stuff. You should truly LOVE all the products you’re using in the shower. There are millions out there to choose from so there’s no excuse to use something anything less. I feel SO GOOD when I get out of the shower – and if you have to shower every day, why not do it with products that boost your mood and make you feel good about yourself! I know I’m not the only one who loves the way my face feels after using a scrub mask – or when my husband tells me how good my hair smells – or when I feel silky smooth getting dressed. Ahhhhhh!
  • Good products. On the topic of products, I’ve finally found THE BEST all natural deodorant that works like a charm, and since I’ve been able to eliminate an aluminum filled product from my regimen, I feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders! If you missed the deodorant rundown in my Friday Faves, check it out here! If you have any products you use that make you feel guilty every time you use it, FIND A NEW ONE.
  • Turn your mind off. Find a mindless activity that you LOVE and embrace it! It’s 100% ok to veg out every once in a while to free your mind of the 9 million thoughts that weigh you down all day. Mine is currently Bachelor in Paradise. I seriously love that shit. I mean, Taylor and Derek make me die a little inside – but besides them, LOVE IT!
  • Girls’ Night. Guys, I never realized how freaking important friends are until I had kids. I mean, I always appreciated my friends, but nothing like I do now! I couldn’t survive without them and they are so crucial for my sanity. Girls’ Nights are essential and you need to make them a priority. It doesn’t matter if it’s 1:1 or as a group – or out to a club or a boozy brunch – just get out with your girlfriends and let your hair down!
  • Create a soothing environment. I have the luxury of preparing dinner and having it ready for the family when my husband gets home with the kids every night. I find cooking to be fun and relaxing as it is, but recently, I started playing different genres of music while cooking and it’s been a game changer for the flow of our nights. {I also threw out the rule that “you shouldn’t drink alone” and enjoy a cocktail while I cook…but that’s a post for another day!} It may sound so corny, but it creates a fun ambiance while I decompress from my day, which gets me mentally ready for the kids to get home from school. Then, I typically leave the music on the rest of the night and since I started doing so, the kids are so much more upbeat and I’ve seen a significant decrease in meltdowns. I think I’m on to something here…but seriously – all the mamas out there – try it out and let me know if you have the same luck!

So there you have it, a few quick, easy and inexpensive ways I kick started my self-care! These may not all appeal to you, but the main goal is for you to figure out what relaxes you and brings you back to center giving you a strong feeling of self-worth – then build off that. It’ll be a very different experience for all of us, but I hope this list was able to show you how simple it really can be. We just grazed the surface here but I’m SO EXCITED to dive deeper into this over the next month with all of you.

I want to hear from you! Share some of your self-care tips, tricks and routines in the comments below!

Until next time,

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