Friday Faves v.7

Can I get a TGIF?! Happy weekend, friends! Enjoy my faves from the week –

  1. Target sales. Ok, if you saw my IG stories earlier this week, you got a peek at some of my finds at the Target sale. If you didn’t, let me fill ya in! Cat & Jack has their summer line 30% off right now – so $7 items down to $4.90 and $4.50 items down to $3.15. When I went, they were very stocked in sizes and styles…but I wouldn’t wait too long since it’s such a steal! Also, with the announcement of their new brands launching in September and the phasing out of Merona, Mossimo and their home brand(s), you’re going to want to keep a very close eye out for items going on clearance any day now. I mean, I don’t have any insider secrets, but I can only assume they need to make room for all the new inventory, right?
  2. Wicked Good Cupcakes. This is, hands down, one of my all-time favorite gifts to give {and my recipients’ favorite gifts to get!}! I mean, this one covers so many of my touch points: specialty foods, gift giving, a creative concept, shopping small, and a woman-owned company with a fun story! Wicked Good Cupcakes are shippable cupcakes in mason jars with a 10-day life {6mo in the freezer!} with tons of flavors {and gluten-free options} to choose from! A mother-daughter team launched the company back in 2010 as a way to spend time together, then appeared on ABC’s SharkTank in 2013 making a deal with Kevin O’Leary {AKA: Mr. Wonderful}, who has since referred to it as “the best investment” he’s ever made on the show. They have themed sets or you can purchase individually/create-your-own sets. These are truly the perfect gift to send. Some orders qualify for FREE shipping while others are $5 flat rate. AND! Through Thurs, Aug. 3 – you can get 10-20% off your orders so go check them out here or on IG!

  3. ExfoliKate by Kate Somerville. Ooooh – I feel boujee just typing that! Now I don’t typically splurge on skincare products because I’m SO picky and am usually letdown so always feel it’s a waste of money. BUT! I was able to try out ExfoliKate {intense exfoliating scrub} in the last LadyBox I got and was instantly hooked! If I had to choose one beauty product to “loosen the purse strings” for, this would be it. First off – it smells AMAZING. Secondly – it tingles just the right amount that you know it’s working then leaves your facing looking and feeling refreshed immediately after. I treat it like a mask and use it in the shower because the added humidity makes it that much better. I wet my face, apply with my fingers, let it sit for 2-3 minutes then use my Clarisonic to take it off. And since I am treating it like a mask and only using it twice a week, the 2oz bottle has lasted me since April with a lot still left in it. Love this one! preview-full-exfolikate
  4. The Compound Effect. Are you regularly working on personal development? If not, I urge you to start STAT! It can truly be life changing. And if you’re reading this thinking “nope, personal development isn’t for me,” I can assure you you’re wrong. It’s for everyone and anyone. To date, my favorite PD book is The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy, the publisher of Success Magazine. This was my gateway drug into personal development a little over a year ago and I haven’t looked back! I’m currently reading it for the second time and it’s just as impactful the second time around. It is based on the principle that every single decision you make shapes your destiny – either leading you to the extraordinary life you long for or to disaster by default. If you check this one out {which I obviously recommend}, please share your thoughts!

Cheers to a fun relaxing weekend!

Until next time,

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NOTE: This is not a paid post. All items listed above are my personal recommendations that were not influenced from an outside party.

6 thoughts on “Friday Faves v.7

  1. I would say the same thing about Exfolikate, skincare like Kate Somerville is so expensive! Also, I’m going to add The Compound Effect book to my endless reading list. 🙂


  2. Yes! I was just at target and found some super cute sandals on clearance! I’ll have to check out the cat and jack sale, too. Also, I love the exfolikate as well! I love to leave it in for an hour or so at night after the shower before washing it off, and it feels like my skin is 100% transformed afterward! Love it!


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