Friday Faves v.5

Whew! It’s Friday! I’m exhausted and running off Monster and half of a lemon pound cake so this one is dedicated to all those mamas out there who have a kid that JUST WON’T SLEEP. Anyone else experience horrible sleep from their 2 year old? I remember going through this with my oldest and am about 4 months in with my middle child, Miles. I’m so over it. He’s up a million times every night – but of course he’s super cute and sweet with it so I can’t even be mad. He literally got up no less than 7 times last night asking for a hug and kiss. I mean, come on…! After we watched the sun come up and with only an hour until our alarms went off, he finally decided it was time to sleep. Sweet baby Jesus he wears me out! But, this is what I signed up for – three times – so I really can’t complain. At least he’s cute and not an asshole, right?

Anyway! On to my faves from the week – enjoy!

  1. Tacos. This week, I’ve been trying really hard to actually quit my day job at 5:00 and put on my mom/wife hat. I give myself a B- for effort, and an A for dinners. By allowing myself enough time, I killed it in the kitchen – which was appreciated by all! Wednesday night, I shared my baked tacos on my InstaStory and got SO MANY messages about it that I wanted to share the wealth and post the link. They are a go-to meal for me – so quick and easy and my husband swears they’re the best he’s EVER HAD! The key is to use fresh toppings. This week, I went with fresh salsa from Aldi (DELISH!), lettuce, tomato and avocado. So good!
  2. Mommy & me bracelets. Who doesn’t love accessorizing with their littles?! Check out 28Four – they have the cutest pieces for you and babe. I just got us the Dainty Beaded Bracelet Set and love them! …and let me tell ya – there are very few things cuter than a little beaded bracelet on a waddling one year old’s ankle {give me all the heart eyes!!!}! Mamas of boys can twin too – their rope pieces are definitely unisex so check them out! And be sure to follow them on IG where they share discount codes. 

  3. Lady Box. Ok, if I’m going to be honest here {always!}, I contemplated sharing this one with you. I mean I love you guys, but this is a seriously hot commodity and I didn’t really want to create more competition for myself when trying to get my hands on one! I’m personally not a fan of subscription boxes because I find them to be too much of a gamble – I don’t want to end up with shitty products or sample sizes and the feeling that I overpaid. But then there is the Lady Box. Terrible name, but great investment. First off, if you’re not familiar with The LadyGang phenomena {blog, podcast & “super secret FB group”}, check them out. Ok, now these aren’t technically subscription boxes because it’s a one-time purchase…but same concept. You purchase it without knowing what all it will contain, then get a nice surprise on delivery day! Fun, right?! They’re $50 and are filled with over $200 worth of GOOD products. You can actually check out everything they included in their first two boxes here. They sneak peeked that this next box will include Baby Foot {SO EXCITED!} and will be available for purchase at the end of the month/beginning of August. If you’ve ever wanted to get in on the fun of the box idea but were afraid of the risk, then I can assure this is the one to try. Subscribe to their pod and follow them on IG so you don’t miss the release of the next box!
  4. Bachelor In Paradise. Ok guys – I live for this shit. The Bachelor is good, The Bachelorette is tolerable, but Bachelor In Paradise is gold and as far as I’m concerned, is God’s gift to the 21st century. Needless to say, I was devastated when the whole scandal came out and production was cancelled – but then came Christmas in July and it was announced that the show WILL RETURN on Monday, August 14th! Someone please tell me there will be a Fantasy league for it too?!
  5. Cotton candy grapes. Wait, what? Yes – Cotton. Candy. Grapes. They’re green grapes that smell AND taste just like pink cotton candy – and can be found at the grocery store for a comparable price to regular grapes. Mind. Blown. I’m 99% sure they’re seasonal so RUN to get some today and let me know what you think! We LOVED them! IMG_0625


Ok, that’s it for this week. I’m off to get through this day like a walking zombie, and am counting down the hours until my free tea at Starbucks is available for my next dose of caffeine!

Until next time,

NOTE: This is not a paid post. All items listed above are my personal recommendations that were not influenced from an outside party.

12 thoughts on “Friday Faves v.5

  1. I’m very intrigued by the cotton candy grapes hahah could be soo good but could also be too sweet! I’ll keep an eye out for them:)


  2. Cotton Candy grapes are amazing I just have to find a store that carries them! I also love BIP.. did it already start?!? Those mommy and bracelets are adorable, and I love tacos!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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