Social Media Cleanse

I’ve been a longtime believer in self-care and I’m currently working on something SO EXCITING for the month of September focused all around it – which is what inspired my post today! We’re all in need of a reset every once in a while, right? So let’s talk about cleansing.

There are juice cleanses {can you say HANGRY?!}, facial cleanses {I’ll try anything twice!} and now, let’s add social media cleanses. Everyone uses their socials for different reasons – to keep up with family and friends, to stay current on the news, to stalk, for business, for inspiration, and sometimes we use it simply to zone out, relax and numb our minds. But how do you feel after scrolling? If you’re walking away feeling less about yourself or having a negative attitude, it’s time for a cleanse of all your socials!

It’s really easy to do {well…maybe easier said than done in some cases} – just get rid of anything/anyone who isn’t improving your mood, attitude or outlook. I recently went through and got rid of a few people who I was finding myself feeling jealous of. Jealousy is the thief of all joy so it was a pretty obvious starting point for me. I ride such a thin line with retail accounts and fashion blogs – they’re so fun to follow and I LOVE the sale info and style inspo they offer, but sometimes I find myself shopping SO MUCH MORE when I follow them because I feel like I never have enough. Wait – what?! I feel like I don’t have enough. No. Remove. I have more than enough so any accounts making me feel otherwise – gone! There are plenty of retail and fashion accounts that don’t make me feel this way so I will find and follow them!

And when it comes to personal accounts, unless you genuinely like and care for someone or care about what they post about, unfollow. There are very few people I know who have a positive outcome from following their exes – or an ex’s current GF – or that bitch from high school that you follow to internally gloat when she’s going through shit. Don’t do it. It’s not productive for anyone and you’re creating bad juju for yourself. And when you unfollow, stay strong – if you quit following someone, don’t look them back up – because we all know karma will get you and you’ll end up accidently liking one of their posts from January 18, 2015. No bueno.

We have enough outlets in our everyday life that are throwing negativity our way so do yourself a favor and eliminate it wherever you can. There are so many people using their socials for good so connect with them and create a tribe of strong, positive influences. Your future you will thank you.

Kaitlyn Bristowe beat me to the punch this week – but hey, great minds think alike, right?! Hear more on this topic from her and Erin Treloar {Health & Wellness Coach} on Kaitlyn’s podcast: Off The Vine. And be sure to check out Erin’s IG, Raw Beauty Talks – for some serious good vibes!

Have an account you love to love?! Share the wealth and post it below in the comments!

Until next time,

18 thoughts on “Social Media Cleanse

  1. Totally love this, & needed this I love your blog and your instagram. You are so right why have extra negativity and if someone is adding to that or creating it or making you jealous is best to cleanse the bad energy!

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  2. Ahh, what a great post! It’s all so true. I’ve recently been doing the exact same thing. I only want to follow people that genuinly inspire me, make me feel better about myself and my life, are authentic and real etc. I was following so many people that left me feeling like I wasn’t good enough and that I didn’t have enough – even though I knew that wasn’t true!
    Great post, love!

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  3. I love what you said about finding positive tribes on social media! I recently moved to a very new place, and these communities and relationships on social media have surprisingly been really helpful to me in this transition. I need to remember to cleanse once in awhile though, thank you!

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