Friday Faves v.3

Wooohooo! A few more hours and it’s the weekend! Here are my top picks from the week – enjoy!

  1. Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel seasoning. I’ve never felt like such a basic bitch as I did standing in the check-out at TJ’s with this trendy seasoning {ok, maybe that’s a lie – Lord knows I’m as basic as the next bitch every autumn!}. Ok, so you have the seasoning {that only cost $1.99!} – now what? Well, I just got it this week and have only tried it three ways but loved them all! First – on avocado toast. It added just a little zest that really complimented the avo – perfect savory breakfast! Second was on a toasted thin bagel with plain cream cheese. This may sound counterproductive – like just buy the everything-flavored bagel, right? Well – ya know how when you toast the everything bagels it’s really easy for them to taste burnt? Well using the seasoning on top of the cream cheese eliminates that. Problem solved! And the third way was as popcorn topping with butter. SO. GOOD.
  2. Ice cream cones. My goal at the beginning of the summer was to keep these few months simple and take it back to basics with the kids. I’m not scouring the internet for slime recipes or contracting some constellation projector in the basement to teach them the history of the stars. Nope. This summer, we’re keeping it simple – drawing with chalk, catching lightning bugs, making homemade popcorn {with Everything but the Bagel topping!}, and eating good ‘ol fashioned ice cream cones. I’ve had a hard time finding cones that stay fresh until we finish the box, while at the same time don’t taste like the box. I am happy to share that within the first couple weeks of looking, I found our winner at Aldi! The Benton waffle cones are inexpensive {less than $1.50 for a box of 12} and don’t include any hydrogenated oils {If you’re not familiar with the harm of hydrogenated & partially hydrogenated oils, do some research ASAP! There’s a direct link between them and breast cancer in both men and women. It’s poison and literally the only ingredient I don’t allow in our house!}.
  3. Style Your Mind podcast. There are only a few pods that I actually subscribe to and listen to religiously – and they’re all female-hosted, empowering, sometimes motivational and always entertaining – that’s my style. The most recent one I discovered is Style Your Mind with Cara Alwill Leyba of The Champagne Diet – she’s a master life coach and bestselling personal development author. I love her for a few reasons, but mainly because she “is obsessed with women on the edge of change.” I literally just got chills typing that. She does it for me, guys. And her guest this week was Selena Watkins who had a lot to say that really resonated. Check out her podcast from this week and let me know if it lit a fire under your ass…even if that fire is just to get you off your ass and into a spin class! image3
  4. Fresh Market. For years, I wouldn’t go to FM because I thought of them as being too expensive. Then my friend {the same one who introduced me to the Discover it Card!} told me how inexpensive their meat is and I’ve never looked back! Their all-natural ground chuck and their boneless/skinless chicken breasts {antibiotic-free and 100% vegetarian-fed} are $2.99/lb. WHAT?! That’s even cheaper than Publix! They also have the “Little Big Meal” specials every week that range from $20-25 and include a full meal for 4. We get it just about every week for dinner on the weekend. And, sometimes on Sundays, they’ll have a $12.99 meal that includes a rotisserie chicken, 2 sides, and 6 cornbread muffins. It’s such a great deal. Offers will obviously vary from store-to-store, but just sign-up for the emails to see the weekly promos.

So to recap – I offer no diversification this time around. 3 of my 4 items this week are food. I’m obviously starving and wasting away to nothing over here {HA!} so am off to eat some tacos STAT!

Have a great weekend!

Until next time,

10 thoughts on “Friday Faves v.3

  1. I have been meaning to get the seasoning from Trader Joe’s! You’ve sold me. I totally agree about toasting the everything bagels and them getting burnt!

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  2. Okay totally just subscribed to style your mind, love when people recommend amazing podcasts! I also am adding that bagel seasoning to my Trader Joe’s list! Cannot wait to read more posts, love your blog!


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