A Smarter Way to Spend.

Please note: this is NOT a sponsored post nor a collaborated initiative.

Finance 101 lesson comin atcha today! We all have our little tricks to saving money, right? Well I have found THE. MOTHER. of all hacks. It’s something so simple and it’s no secret, but in talking to others, I’ve realized there are so many who don’t take advantage. What would you say if I told you I’m an avid Amazon shopper but haven’t spent a dime of my own money on the site for the past 9 months? I’m sure you’d think I’m either A) a genius criminal, or B) a liar. Well, you’d be wrong with either of those guesses.

In my younger 20s, I was travelling all the time so for those few years, it made sense for me to have a Southwest Rewards credit card – spend money, build up your points, then eventually get a free flight. But then, when we started a family and our trips went from 5+ a year to maybe 1 a year, it just didn’t make sense to be paying a $100 annual fee for a card in which we didn’t get much use out of our points. Looking back, I just wish I hadn’t procrastinated making a change for so many years!

So, while researching new cards, one of my friends mentioned that she hasn’t spent her own money at Starbucks for years. I assumed her husband paid the credit card bill every month and she didn’t fully understand the concept that you actually have to pay for the things you charge. {This friend is actually very smart – I just couldn’t believe something so good has been right under my nose this whole time!}

Enter the Discover it Card . It’s a cashback credit card that offers additional bonus opportunities all year long. And best yet? After your first year, they will MATCH your cashback earned. They have great customer service and really easy-to-use security features. So let’s dive in to the details – it’s really simple, actually.

  • You get 1% cashback on every dollar you spend
  • If you use your card with a “bonus” vendor {rotates quarterly}, you earn 5% cashback on every dollar you spend
    • 2017 calendar: Jan-Mar gas stations, transportation and wholesale clubs {Sam’s, Costco, etc} | Apr-June home improvement stores and wholesale clubs | Jul-Sept restaurants | Oct-Dec Amazon and more that haven’t been announced yet
  • No annual fee
  • 0% interest for your first 14 months
  • Provides your FICO credit score, free of charge, each month
  • You can connect your card to your Amazon account so every time you make an Amazon purchase, you’re given the payment option to utilize your Discover Cashback. It lists how much you have available and gives you the opportunity to indicate the exact dollar amount you want to use. We all know how much I love efficiency, so this is definitely one of my favorite features!
  • Two ways to get ADDITIONAL cashback –
    1. After your first year, Discover will MATCH your cashback earned. So say you got $1,000 cashback over the first 12 months. They will immediately credit you another $1,000. WHAT?! It’s literally free money.
    2. Love your Discover it Card? Refer your friends. For every person you refer, Discover gives you an additional $50 cashback AND gives your friend an additional $50 cashback. You can do this up to 10 times a year, so you have the potential for an additional $500 in extra cashback!

I have absolutely no connection to Discover other than being a very happy customer who just has to share this knowledge with all credit card users out there. Finances and choosing the right credit card can be a very intimidating and stressful aspect of our lives, but I see this as a very obvious, smart financial move – if you’re using a credit card anyway {or want to start using a credit card}, shouldn’t you be paid to do so?

For those who like to do their own research, there are quite a few options when it comes to cashback credit cards so here’s a nice little chart from Discover’s website showing how they stack up against the other cards.

So don’t make the same mistake as I did and wait a minute longer. If a credit card is your preferred method of payment, you need this one. Feel free to use my link here to get an additional $50 cashback after your first purchase!

Happy spending! {and earning!}

Until next time,

12 thoughts on “A Smarter Way to Spend.

    • It’s the only way I spend! I track my purchases & treat it just as if it were coming directly out of my bank account then pay the balance off in full every month. As long as you are disciplined & pay it off in full every month, you’ll never experience having to pay interest & will really only benefit from it!

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  1. I love Discover! It is still linked to my parent’s account so when I spend myself I use a debit card or cash but I love all the benefits and protection and how personal Discover is!


    • OMGosh – don’t be scared! Though I just got my Discover card in the past year, I’ve had a credit card for over 15 years & have never paid a penny of interest – just reaped the rewards! It’s totally possible!!

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