Friday Faves v.2

Whew! We made it through another week – cheers to that! I don’t know if there’s something going on with the moons or what, but EVERY day this week felt like a Monday. But, despite it being a very meh week, I still have some awesome faves to share! Check them out – and enjoy!

  1. 4th of July welcome mat. Tis the season for red, white and blue! Home Depot isn’t typically the first retailer to come to mind when I think of cute door mats, but they nailed it this year for the 4th! This one {and quite a few other colorful, seasonal options} are less than $9 and available in-store and online. So cute! doormat
  2. Justice {almost}. Not to get too political here, but any Making a Murderer fans out there? {If you’re not familiar, go watch it on Netflix NOW!} If you missed the breaking news this week, let me fill ya in – Brendan Dassey’s murder conviction has been overturned, BUT, the state of Wisconsin still has 90 days to determine if they’re going to appeal or release him – and I’m not looking to start a riot so I’m going to leave it at that.
  3. Summer Fiesta Corn Pico. One of the best things about moving is getting to explore all the restaurants, shops and charm the new city has to offer. My explorations this week led me to this bowl of goodness from Graham’s 318 Coffeehouse downtown Geneva. I stopped in for a late lunch and they did not disappoint! If you’re local – make sure you stop in soon – it’s a seasonal item so won’t be here for long. If you’re not local – try making it at home. It had roasted corn & tomatoes, black beans, chopped onions, red peppers, & fresh cilantro, and cucumber seasoned with a light sweet citrus dressing. They served it with soft pita and pita crackers and it was the perfect, refreshing summer dish. corn salad
  4. Fashion blog. To be honest, I recently went through IG and unfollowed quite a few fashion blog accounts because day after day, I was seeing the same things over, and over, and over. I know there are a ton of great ones out there so it was just time for a change. I was on the hunt for more original, genuine and authentic accounts who featured items that are actually affordable to the everyday B. Cue The Styled Duo. This blog/IG is run by best friends based out of Ohio who have the. Cutest. Styles! One of the best things about the feed is that it’s two women so it’s two styles. Efficient. I like it! And, their website is awesome too – they feature sales, vacation looks and kids closet as well. And for all you expecting fashionistas, one of the women behind the blog just recently announced she’s pregnant so I’m assuming that means maternity looks will be included in the near future as well!
  5. Dinos & Dragons! Brookfield Zoo currently has a special Dinos & Dragons encounter through mid-September so we had to check it out! This is the first time we’ve gone to an animatronic exhibit and it was {surprisingly} really awesome. They were humongous, had really smooth, natural movement and made noises so of course the boys thought they were real! {Nothing better than seeing things through your kids’ eyes!} There was an additional fee to go through this exhibit, but if your kids love dinos and/or dragons as much as mine, it’s worth it!


    God forbid my kids look at the camera…but check out that dino!

Have a great weekend!

Until next time,

NOTE: This is not a paid post. All items listed above are my personal recommendations that were not influenced from an outside party.


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