Harper’s Little Heaven

Please note: this is NOT a sponsored post. All items included below are my personal finds and recommendations that were not influenced from an outside party. Direct links to the products are included for your convenience.

I am SO EXCITED to finally share my daughter’s nursery! As anything else, it’s a constant work-in-progress, but once I put up the mirror, I decided it’s finished to a point worth sharing. Once I found out I was having a baby girl, I immediately imagined her in a grey, white and peach nursery. {Not coral. Not kinda-not-really-pink. PEACH.} I wanted it to feel light and airy, but warm and comforting to promote good sleep habits.

So without further ado, here it is – enjoy!

One of the toughest pieces to find were the bed sheets. EVERYTHING was too pink or too orange. After holding out for months and refusing to settle, I FINALLY found the perfect color at BabiesRUs – and not only are they the perfect color, but they are super soft and have held up awesome through a year+ of washes. I’ve only ever had crib sheets from Pottery Barn Kids in the past so I wasn’t sure what to expect with a less expensive option but couldn’t be happier! They’re currently out of stock online, but here’s the direct link to keep an eye on a possible restock.

This is the first time I’ve had this style hamper and I love it. The style fits perfectly in the room and it’s much easier on the eyes than a boring plastic one. The hamper is from Home Goods and the beautiful monogrammed liner is from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child {linked here and currently on sale for only $20!}.

And the curtains. OMG. I can’t say enough about the curtains. Their perfection was literally impossible to capture in a photo, but they are oversized, ruffley and look like a wall of fluffy clouds – give me all the heart eyes! They are the piece that pulls the whole room together. I found the Nicole Miller panels at Home Goods. The best part: they were $40 for a pack of TWO! To be honest, this was one of the pieces I found and purchased over a year ago and unfortunately, I haven’t seen the same exact ones in-store since, but if you’re in the market for curtain panels, keep an eye on her line. You can find them in the children’s decor section at Home Goods.

Next up are the very few pieces of decor I have in the room. The “H” was decor from a baby shower that was thrown for us so I’m not sure where this particular one is from, but I think they’re pretty easy to find. This one has a leather-like finish and is just about an inch deep – which I love for adding depth to the display. I ordered the watercolor printable off Etsy from I Watch Them Grow for Harper’s unicorn-themed first birthday party and finished off the look in this $4.99 frame from Ikea. Easy peasy.

These flowers are from Hobby Lobby and are my favorite wall hangings I’ve ever purchased. The photo doesn’t do it justice as it’s a little tough to tell – they’re a clay/ceramic material {I’m no interior designer so don’t quote me here}, and bright white with gold detailing. GORG! I initially ordered paper-material flowers to hang from Pottery Barn Kids and absolutely HATED them when they arrived. They didn’t ship well and despite being shown as a wall hanging on the website, hanging them wasn’t actually an option once they arrived. I was so disappointed. But my patience paid off because I’m tellin ya, these are the best thing since holes in donuts – and they’re currently 50% off online and in-store.

Another way {not photoed} that I included peach into the room is with these peach Pillowfort hangers from Target along with two peach storage bins from Target {similar bins linked here} that I keep in this white shelving unit from Ikea. We mounted the shelving unit in the closet about a foot off the ground and use the two open spaces for Harper’s books.

Next up is this sweet little snuggle nook. I love our Graco glider – I’ve had Old Faithful for all three babies and it’s held up well through all kinds of spills and countless snuggle sessions, and the pillow was a lucky find at Target over a year ago. And last, but not least, the mirror. I’m obsessed with this mirror. I can’t tell you how many mirrors I’ve put in my online cart or put in an actual cart at the store but decided against it at the last minute. I never thought I would be so particular about it, but we learn something new {about ourself} all the time, right?! This one is from At Home and was ONLY $24.99! It’s the perfect size and the frame is the perfect thickness. LOVE!

Lastly, I wanted to share a few of my QUICK tips for painting and decorating –

  1. Don’t settle. Don’t settle on anything – whether it’s the paint color, the style of furniture, or the softness of the textiles. You’ll eventually find whatever it was that you wished you had, and will end up being pissed at yourself for not having patience. As I mentioned above, there’s no finish line when it comes to decorating – you’ll always be finding new pieces so don’t feel like you have to hurry to settle on something.
  2. Don’t cut corners when it comes to painting. If you buy cheap brushes/rollers {I always stick to Purdy – they’re a little more expensive but the quality is worth it}, don’t tape off your edges {or half-ass it}, or skip applying that second coat of paint – you’ll regret it. Take the time to do it right so you don’t feel as if it was all a waste at the end. And if painting isn’t your thing – hire it out. We’ve had a couple high-ceiling walls that we’ve hired out for and I’m here to tell you that it’s very possible to find someone in your price range that will do a great job. So know your limits, and stay in your lane!
  3. Be a hoarder. I say that very loosely. But seriously, save the little sample of paint you bought when you were trying out colors – even though it may not be the same finish that you used on the walls, it’ll be handy for small touchups down the road. You’ll also want to save the little swatch you got that lists the paint brand, color name and color number on it – we write the room that we used the paint in on the swatch and keep it in our junk drawer so we have it to reference back if we ever need to buy more of the same color.
  4. Lastly, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a sucker for pretty packaging and good advertising. That being said, I will also confess that you would be correct in assuming that I’ve tried more SharkTank products than I’d care to admit. But, the most recent one was the Paint Brush/Roller Covers from Home Depot {purchased because I had a few rooms to paint the same color} and I didn’t hate them! They definitely kept my brush and roller wet enough between coats that I didn’t have to wash and wait for them to dry – BUT, there’s no way they would last multiple weeks as they were promoted. Over the course of a couple days and a few coats, the paint started to dry to a few of the brush bristles – which resulted in little dried paint balls coming off into the wet paint as I continued to use it {i.e. a bit of a frustrating mess}. And in regards to the roller, I followed the instructions and got as much paint off as I could before storing it, but I still found that it became too saturated and the paint didn’t go on as smoothly as the first couple rounds of using it. So my recommendation: these products are cheap enough {$3.48-$5.48 at Home Depot} and reusable that I think they are a good purchase – BUT, I would only use them for a day or two, at most before washing your brush/roller.

So there ya go – a few tricks of the trade and a little peek into Harper’s nursery. Hopefully you found some inspiration to tackle a room that needs some lovin in your house!

Until next time,


13 thoughts on “Harper’s Little Heaven

  1. I think I should utilize “don’t settle” in my home decor as well! I’m always so tempted to buy things to fill a void, but I always toss it shortly. Love the subtle details btw, adorable!


  2. Aww I love your little space! Nurseries are such special spaces, and yours is too cute! We’re putting the finishing touches on our own nursery and its become my favorite spot in the whole house!


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