Friday Faves!

Here are a few of my faves from this week – enjoy!

  • Bed sheets. I’m in the process of redoing our guest bedroom so headed to Target for some new sheets. I ended up with this Queen set in grey {for under $20}, because let’s be honest – unless Jacob is in the doghouse, neither of us will be using them so I just got the cheapest ones they had. Let me just say: GREAT FIND! They’re microfiber so they’re super soft, they wash and dry nice, and the best part is that they were 10% off with the Cartwheel app {only available through Sat, 6.17.17} , and 30% off online {also only available through Sat, 6.17.17}. Needless to say, I went back and got another set in white. LOVE!
  • 4th of July tees for the boys. With the purchase of these Cat & Jack tees from Target for the boys, I’m officially ready for the 4th! A flag made up of fish, sea turtles and sharks? They are going to love them! These were originally $4.50/ea but are 5% off with the Cartwheel app {available through Sat, 6.17.17} so RUN! The Dollar Spot is also stocked up with everything red, white & blue right now so be sure to check that out while you’re there. I got each of the boys a little American flag, a little pinwheel for Harper and a 15-pack of glow bracelets. What more do you need for the festivities?!
  • One-year-old photos. If you happen to live in the western Chicago burbs and are looking to have photos done, you need to call Photos by Jaime. Earlier this week, she sent over the images from Harper’s one-year-old shoot and I’m OB. SESSED. Since we just moved here, this was the first time I’ve worked with Jaime but I’ll definitely be doing a family photo shoot with her this autumn. To contact, you can find her on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Main Street Mosaics. Calling all Disnerds! Are you following this IG yet? I’m a big fan. It’s been almost three months since I’ve been to Disney World and I’m going through some serious withdrawals so I love that she posts consistently and includes our favorite park sights, snacks and icons in the beautiful photos.

Main St Mosaics

  • OITNB Season 5. It’s been out at least a week so by now, any dedicated binger is already through it, but whoa! If you haven’t started the Orange is the New Black series yet, now’s the time. I didn’t have very high expectations for the season for a couple reasons. First off, this season leaked a little early this time around and the reviews I saw on it were just meh. Secondly, the whole season takes place over a period of just 3 or 4 days so naturally I assumed it would drag on. I wasn’t completely off here, but that’s just how this show goes. They have building episodes that feel a little slow, then BAM they hit you with something when you least expect it. I’m not going to say anything else as I refuse to spoil it for anyone, but I cried a little inside when I reminded myself that I have to wait a whole year for Season 6.

Have a great weekend!

Until next time,

NOTE: This is not a paid post. All items listed above are my personal recommendations that were not influenced from an outside party.

9 thoughts on “Friday Faves!

    • Thanks, girl! Isn’t it always like that though – slow, slow, slow, then BAM – something huge to suck you in to counting down the months until the next season is released – seriously don’t know how they do it…but I live for that shit!

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