Dreamy gifts for a new mom

First it was wedding season, and now, the past six years, with so many of my friends having babies, we’re in baby season! It’s such an exciting time but it can also be so stressful – not only for the parents-to-be, but also for the friends and family who want to be as supportive as possible but may just not know how.

Anyone who’s had a baby can tell you the first few weeks of maternity leave are TOUGH. Despite having your new baby with you, it can be extremely lonely. You may feel out on an island – but not a fun island in your neon-colored skimpy bikini and oversized sunnies with a fruity drink watching oiled up hot guys playing beach volleyball. {I need a vacation!} We’re talking a deserted island where the minutes tick away as slow as molasses, your nipples feel like they could fall off at any given moment, you can’t remember the last time you changed your spit-up soaked clothes, and you look forward to the baby’s well-checks because they give you an excuse to shower and get out of the house. You’re more exhausted than you knew possible but feel an overwhelming sense of guilt any time you take a nap. It sounds glamorous, doesn’t it? HA! Well, this is where your friends and family (and their great, thoughtful gifts) come to the rescue! Now, just to clarify {so I don’t scare all the first-time expectant mamas}, I really only felt this way the first few weeks after having my first baby. Then, the second and third time around, I had more confidence and knew what to expect so absolutely loved {just about} every minute of maternity leave – but the gifts still helped!

With three bambinos of my own, and being very practical by nature, I’ve been asked {too many times to count} questions like “What was your favorite gift?” or “This is my sister-in-law’s third baby – what does she really need at this point?” or “OMG, I’m going to see the new baby after work today but haven’t gotten a gift yet – HALP?!” So, without further ado, if you have a close friend or family member expecting a baby soon and you’re in search of ideas for the perfect gift, here is my go-to gift guide!

3 kids_day 1

My 3 babes {Miles, 1 and Jordan, 3} the day we brought Harper home from the hospital

Ok, first off: forget buying for the baby at this point. The new mama has probably already had multiple showers in preparation and essentially has just about everything she needs/wants for the baby at this point. So don’t focus on the babe – focus on the mama. Put together a fun basket filled with items that will make her feel human without her having to put forth much effort. Some of my favorite items to include are –

  • Bottle of her favorite bubbly! A new baby is something to celebrate! Even nursing mamas can have a drink or two between feedings so bring her favorite drink and enjoy the celebratory bottle with her!
    • If she is nursing, a great compliment to the bottle of champagne is this pack of convenient breastmilk test strips. Yes, this is a real thing. It’s essentially a breathalyzer for your boob juice. How awesome, right?! I’ve never actually used these because our pediatrician assured me that having a drink or two a couple hours before nursing/pumping was OK, but this is a great option for those who want to take that extra precaution.
  • Bath bombs. Check out Lush; they have THE BEST ones and so many options! They don’t test on animals, their products are handmade, and are also 100% vegetarian. You can order online or if you’re in a time crunch, they have brick & mortar locations for shopping as well!
  • A bottle of nail polish in a hot seasonal color – it can be hard to get out of the house with a new baby so a lot of women won’t have time to go get that much needed pedi. And, more importantly, this is probably the first time in months she can actually see, let alone reach, her toes – so give her a reason to!
  • Along the lines of a pedi – get her a Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel. They have a relaxing lavender scent and make your feet as soft as a baby’s!
  • Motrin. Lots and lots of Motrin. There was stretching, there may have been cutting and/or tearing, and all throughout the pregnancy, girlfriend was using muscles she never even knew she had. After all three kids, I was taking 3 Motrin every 6 hours for about two weeks post-partum. An extra bottle surely won’t go to waste!
  • Facial mask. There are so many to choose from. You can find Yes to masks online or at Target or Ulta for less than $3/ea so grab a couple! They have mud and paper to choose from along with charcoal, tomato, cucumber, coconut, primrose, etc. Like I said: so many to choose from!
  • Media. Make it a new movie, easy-read book, or latest edition of USWeekly – just keep it light and fluffy to entertain her! Or, if you want to get her a keepsake, buy her a USA Today or local newspaper on the day the baby was born. This is something we’ve gotten for all three of our kids and I think it’ll be so cool for them to look back at the news from the day they were born when they’re old enough to appreciate it!
  • Hand lotion. With a new baby in the house comes a lot of handwashing. And everyone knows you can’t have enough hand lotion when you’re always washing your hands. Keep in mind that a neutral or very light scent will be preferred around the baby.
  • Stella & Dot engravables. Available in gold, silver and rose gold, these are simple, timeless, personalized everyday pieces that anyone would love! You could do the new baby’s initials, birthdate or even their full name if you get one of the new bangles! And with the pieces starting as low as $36, it’s a gift that you could include in the basket or give on it’s own.

Lastly, you obviously wouldn’t include this in a pampering basket, but the best thing you can give a family with a new baby: FOOD. Food is a great gift for a family who is welcoming their first baby because their life has just been turned upside down {for the best, obviously!} and it’s very easy to forget to that in order to take care of the new baby, you first need to take care of yourself. It’s also a great gift for families who are having their second or third child because it relieves the new-again parents from having to make the older kiddos dinner. Some meal ideas: lasagna, soup/stew with salad & rolls, fruit salad, muffins/breakfast rolls, makings for a taco bar, frozen pizzas, pulled pork/shredded beef/sloppy Joes and buns, pre-made meals that just need to be thrown in the crockpot, dessert, and bottled waters. These are essentials that won’t go to waste! And for all you non-cooks out there, a gift card to a local place that offers delivery would be an awesome option as well! Keep in mind: if mama is nursing, you may want to stay away from spicy food, greasy food or anything that can cause gas as the baby essentially eats what mama eats {glamorous, right?!} so she’ll want meals that are easy on the belly.

kim meme

Stick to this list. She’s already exhausted – don’t force her to pretend she loves your shitty gift too!

So there you go – hopefully you found tons of new gift ideas for someone who definitely deserves it! I don’t have any pics of the pampering baskets to share right now so check out Pinterest for cute ideas to present it…but remember what you learned in my last post about Pinterest: stay in your lane! I would love to hear more ideas from you – or better yet, share pics once you’ve created one!

Until next time,

NOTE: This is not a paid post. All items listed above are my personal recommendations that were not influenced from an outside party.

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