Pinterest. A brief “How To”

And just like that, with the passing of Memorial Day, summer is upon us. Longer days, busier weekends, and a 2-month pass to eat ice cream every night. It’s also, in my experience, the time of year when we have the highest expectations for ourselves {with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmastime, of course}. And what comes with high expectations? Let’s all say it together: INEVITABLE LETDOWNS. But let’s be honest. Ever since Pinterest came around, the inevitable letdowns aren’t just reserved for summertime, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Nope. They’re there for every new recipe you make, beauty trend you try, party you throw, room you redecorate, gift you give, DIY project you attempt, the list goes on and on. I’ve actually banned my husband from using the term “Pinterest fail.” Those are now considered fighting words in our house. But hey, you can’t win them all, right?

Now don’t get me wrong – I actually love Pinterest. Well, actually, it’s more of a love/hate relationship. I obviously hate the expectations we set for ourselves – but if we really sit and think about it for a minute, is Pinterest really the one to blame or does it possibly go back as far as Girl Scouts? I mean, week after week, our leaders showed us bird feeders and pot holders and shit that probably took them 4 nights and 7 bottles of wine to construct but gave us innocent, little Brownies the impression that we could do it in under an hour, sans hot glue gun burns, AND end up with a finished project that our parents would actually want to keep. HA! So there you have it, Girl Scouts created the wound and Pinterest just poured the salt all over it. Fair?

Ok, moving on to my love for Pinterest, which, you may be surprised to learn, actually runs very deep. Whoever came up with the concept of an online inspiration center where we are able to save and reference back our “pins” deserves an f’ing Nobel Prize as far as I’m concerned. So, in my six years of pinning, I have found that the key to getting the most out of Pinterest is to have an ounce of self-awareness. Use it to be inspired, find new ideas and maybe a little encouragement to try something outside your comfort zone, but don’t let it convince you that you magically developed a newfound talent overnight. Know your limits and abilities, then stay in your lane.

Happy Pinning!

Until next time,

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